4. Private Guided Dairy Visit with Cheese Making Workshop and Tasting

Calling all cheese lovers! Come with us for a visit to a dairy producing organic award-winning cheeses, learn about animal welfare, milk and cheese varieties and aging techniques. Thanks to the expertise and passion of a lovely dairy owner and manager, you can have all your questions answered and gain all the necessary knowledge to become an informed cheese consumer. During the visit, enjoy a hands-on cheese making lesson and see milk transform into cheese which you can taste straight away (like ricotta) or leave behind to mature and have it delivered once the aging process is complete. Finish with a tasting of different cheese varieties, as they are or accompanied by marmalades, jams and honey.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours
  • Rate: €75 flat fee (per group up to 6 people, not per person)
  • Includes: Private guided dairy visit, cheese making workshop and tasting. Excludes: not applicable

Notes: The experience can be customized to also feature a visit to the animal shelters and the grazing lands to learn more about the different kinds of grass and animal habitats and their effect on milk (and cheese) quality. Please, get in touch for a customized quote.