3. Private Guided Truffle Hunt Demo and Tasting

Ever wondered where truffles come from, how they’re hunted and how fantastic they taste? Come with us for an amazing guided truffle hunt in the company of a truffle master and his dogs! You will observe specially trained dogs sniffing around and wagging their tails when they’ve found some treasure and you will learn about truffle varieties and seasons as well as processing methods. Although dogs are only trained to respond to their masters when on the job, it is real fun to see them at work and play with them afterwards! After the hunt, guests will enjoy tastings of truffle based delicacies like sauces, truffle flavoured foods and more.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours
  • Rate: €70 flat fee (per group up to 6 people, not per person)
  • Includes: Private guided truffle hunt demo and tastings. Excludes: not applicable

Notes: Depending on the clients’ needs, the truffle hunt demo can take place in more or less secluded areas, so it can be in an easy to walk, flat field or on mountain fields. The hunt can also be customized to last a half day (3-4 hours). Please, get in touch for a customized quote.