Topics: culture, food, wine, nature, walks, cooking lessons.

  • Day 1: Cheese: varieties and maturing processes, tastings and pairings. Pecorino Cheese and Ricotta, Buffalo Mozzarella, Cheese and Ricotta, Goat Cheese, Conciato di San Vittore.
  • Day 2: Wine: Grape varieties and cultivation, tastings and pairings. Cesanese, Rosso DOC, Passerina, Semillon, Lecinaro, Maturano Nero, Maturano Bianco, Pampanaro, Capolongo.
  • Day 3: Cereals and legumes: varieties, methods of cultivation and tastings. Indigenous Wheat, Spelt and Corn, Cannellini Beans GPI, Bread varieties and bakers’ delicacies.
  • Day 4: Carbs feast: hands-on pizza and pasta making. Pizza making secrets and varieties of pasta making (egg, whole wheat, corn flour, spelt flour).
  • Day 5: The wonders of vegetables: seasonal varieties and growing techniques. Vegetable gardens on level and mountain ground, growing methods, (organic, biodynamic, synergic), and seasonal products.
  • Day 6: Edible wild plants and herbs: walk, learn, pick, and eat. Recognise, pick, cook and pair wild vegetables, herbs and spices
  • Day 7: Departure.