Learn Italian with qualified teachers and in full immersion and visit the settings of famous Italian films and find out about Italian actors and directors.

  • Who: Your level of Italian is pre-intermediate to proficient, you love cinema and enjoy working in groups.
  • Why: You’ll have a full-immersion experience in an authentic and tourist-trap free area, improve your Italian and learn about Italian cinema.
  • When: Available all year round.

Activities depend on season, weather and availability:

  • Day 1: Language course, workshop and cinema course presentation.
  • Day 2: Language: Reading skills (class); Workshop: project planning; local actors and directors.
  • Day 3: Language: Speaking skills (in Cassino); Workshop: photos and videos; Westerns.
  • Day 4: Language: Writing skills (class); Workshop: materials selection; Comedy.
  • Day 5: Language: Speaking skills (in Sora); Workshop: development of content; War films.
  • Day 6: Language: Listening skills (class); Workshop: development of content; Italy today.
  • Day 7: End of course presentations – Departure.