Taste locally produced and award winning food and wine, discover how they are made, enjoy pairings and learn cooking the truly Italian way with our fantastic home and restaurant cooks.

  • Who: You enjoy good food, wines and craft beer, love cooking and want to expand and refine your skills.
  • Why: You’ll learn when and how typical products and specialities of the area are made and acquire some exciting new strings to your culinary bow!
  • When: Available throughout the year.

  • Day 1: Wine OR Craft Beer: ingredients and varieties, visits, production, tastings, pairings, cooking with wine OR craft beer lesson.
  • Day 2: Pizza: ingredients (different kinds of cereal, toppings and fillings), visits to pizza restaurants and shops, production, cooking methods, tastings, pizza making lesson OR Cheese: varieties (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo milk), shapes and consistency (mature, spreadable, mozzarella etc.), visits to dairies, production, tastings, pairings, cheese based dishes making.
  • Day 3: Pasta: ingredients, (flour of different kinds, eggs, vegetables), visits to pasta factories and shops, production, tastings, pairings, hands-on pasta making lesson.