Sotto Le Stelle is one of the partners ItalyIndeed is most proud to have. There are a number of reasons that make us very happy to collaborate with them. First of all it is a so-called Albergo Diffuso, a relatively new concept of accommodation characterized by the fact that the rooms are distributed throughout an historical centre. Here, buildings are restored to accommodate every modern comfort while at the same time retaining their authentic charm, so that guests find themselves in the heart of a welcoming community. Like various other innovative interpretations of hospitality, it began in Italy in the early ‘80s as a means to recover old towns and villages which were falling apart due to emigration towards the larger cities and faraway countries. Mr Cesidio Di Ciacca, a descendant of an Italian emigrant to Scotland, had the courage to purchase part of the old centre of Picinisco, his family’s village of origin, in order to turn it into 6 beautifully furnished, stylish suites.

Due to Italian bureaucracy, it was no easy process, but his visionary determination saw him succeed. An enterprise of love and gratitude towards his homeland which allows guests to breathe history in every corner, Sotto Le Stelle is a beautiful homage even down to the names given to the suites. One, Le Rondini (The Swallows) is dedicated to the emigrants and their descendants that at different times, like swallows, come back to the original nest; another, I Pastori (The Shepherds) was named to honour the humble and wise who today produce the P.D.O. Pecorino di Picinisco; a third, I Modelli (The Models) is dedicated to those who left their homeland and ended up posing as models for many great artists (see our post on Académie Vitti). ItalyIndeed and Sotto Le Stelle would love to welcome you to Picinisco and the Valle di Comino and are working on special packages which we will launch in the months to come. Follow us to stay updated on ways to immerse yourself in a landscape, history and culture that has made so many people, from the Grand Tour times until today, fall in love with us.