Just to make things clear: at ItalyIndeed we plead guilty to being obsessed with high quality food and sustainable farming! Surely you can forgive us for that, especially considering that we are Italian and that in perfect traditional fashion we were raised by grandparents and parents who inherited from their ancestors a vegetable garden, a small flock of courtyard animals and a number of recipes. It is one of the fundamental links to our culture and probably the most fulfilling one as it involves a number of senses: the sight of naturally colourful vegetables, the sounds  and smells of a kitchen at work for several hours a day, the cheerful exertion of kneading and rolling pasta dough and, last but not least, that overwhelming taste of amazing food. It is a passion we love to share with anyone looking for authentic products which are the fruits of a respectful relationship with our planet and its species.

During our Food, Wine and Hands-on Italian cuisine lessons, you will meet people like Roberto, the best cured-meat maker in the world. Believe us, he is. The reason he is the best stems from his rigorous search for only the highest quality organic certified breeders in the area and in the skilful selection of further ingredients such as local truffles, indigenous herbs and more. Although you can find his products on many shelves in fine gourmet shops in Rome and Milan as well as abroad, at his butcher shop in Casalvieri you can taste them where they were conceived. And if the village does not feature in your chosen itinerary, ItalyIndeed will still make sure that you will have the opportunity to try Roberto’s fantastic products and to meet him during our welcome tastings. Come and join us for a five-senses trip into the wonders of Italian gastronomy!