Our people, as well as our landscapes, history and cultural heritage, are what ItalyIndeed is dedicated to introducing to you. There are chefs, historical and archaeological guides, farmers, shepherds, stone carvers, balloon makers, relic enthusiasts, teachers, wine and beer makers, poets and experts in many other fields who are all passionate about our homeland and would be happy to welcome you to their museums, farms, restaurants and so on. Among them, we are particularly happy to list Aedo Studio, a group of young people who through theatre are rediscovering and sharing our history and culture since medieval time. 

They can impress you with their performances or guide your discovery of their home villages by means of historical facts and anecdotes. For the most daring and the least self-conscious of you, they can even dress you up as a merchant in the 1300 and provide you with a plot outline to become part of their crew in one of their shows. They are absolutely brilliant people as well as a very knowledgeable resource. They provide us with what we would like to provide you: a bridge into the wonders of culture and traditions which our historical centres, our producers and our eldest are preserving, an authenticity which today more than ever we recognize as important. With ItalyIndeed you can meet them and enjoy their work and passions over an ancient song and a glass of wine in a medieval setting. Come and join us to delve deeper in Italy at its best!