Here at ItalyIndeed, we aim at fulfilling the visitors’ interests and requirements but also at remaining loyal to our purposes, namely those of enabling tourists and travellers to enjoy the best Italy has to offer in terms of sites and products. Hence, we do not feature visits to buildings which have been designed with the sole purpose of satisfying somebody’s greed nor to food producers we know, thanks to our deep knowledge of the area, have a disrespectful treatment of our territory, history and traditions. For this reason, Castelpetroso is one of the few sanctuaries that we proudly feature in our itineraries.

Unlike others which were built in the distant and recent past to almost literally rip off pilgrims, Castelpetroso is a beautiful church and a well-respected site for worship in Christianity. Here, it is said that in 1888 two young peasants glimpsed the Virgin Mary, an event which was soon followed by a miracle which saved a 12 year old boy from dying of tuberculosis. The sanctuary was tastefully erected to pay tribute to the Virgin and to allow pilgrims – many of whom actively contributed to the building – to pray here. Every year thousands of worshippers visit Castelpetroso to meditate and to come close to the divinity in the peaceful and religious atmosphere of the place. The majestic church is one of the few examples of neo-gothic architecture in southern Italy and certainly one of the best preserved, so it is also visited by travellers who, although not moved by faith, do enjoy religious art and architecture, especially in an unspoiled natural setting. Not far from the church, a lovely SPA allows visitors of all sorts to relax and focus on their wellness through health treatments with the most natural products and advanced methods. Thanks to our careful selection, with ItalyIndeed pilgrims as well as non-believers can enjoy a beautiful, relaxing and certainly moving site which has brought peace and wellbeing to many, including Pope Francis.