At ItalyIndeed, we are particularly proud of being able to offer hands-on cooking lessons to visitors wishing to improve their cooking skills and learn how to combine simple ingredients to make fantastic and healthy dishes. One of ItalyIndeed’s main partners is Cerere, a former cooperative and now family run company established in 1987 to promote organic agriculture and the sustainable consumption of local products. After the Chernobyl disaster, a group of friends (an agronomist, a teacher, a beekeeper, a butcher and some farmers) got together to create what was then a cooperative in order to raise awareness and understanding of this environmentally friendly farming method. They chose the name Cerere, the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility, in the hope that nature would be able to recover from the effects of the deadly pollution that resulted from the nuclear disaster.

Alongside ItalyIndeed’s commitment to sustainable tourism, the current owner of Cerere, our lovely Adelina, provides our visitors with lessons where you can learn how to make homemade pasta, sauces and vegetable dishes from fresh, seasonal products. ItalyIndeed and Cerere both work towards building a better future for the generations to come, a world where what people eat comes naturally from the land and the hands of responsible professionals, rather than from factories and ruthless businessmen. We can arrange classes for up to 15 people and will happily cater for people with any specific dietary requirements. Come and join us for a fun, tasty and healthy cooking lesson and lunch!