Venafro has always been a very special place with its thousands of years of history and its favourable geographical position, halfway between Rome and Naples. ItalyIndeed will guide your discovery of this town where the Samnites chose to settle because of its multiple water sources and which the Romans conquered in the 4th century BC, due to its strategic military position. According to the Roman historian Plinius, Venafro was what today we would call a spa, while the poet Horace praised the beauty of its natural environment and the quality of the olive oil that has always been made here and which you will be able to savour thanks to ItalyIndeed guided tastings.

Later in the centuries, Venafro became an important monastic centre and Charlemagne passed through the town while campaigning against the Lombards between 774 and 787 BC. This wide variety of historical features is mirrored in Venafro’s architecture and now with ItalyIndeed you can visit this town which Skyscanner has recently listed as one of the most beautiful in Italy, so come with us through the lovely lanes and alleys of Venafro’s old historical centre. Let ItalyIndeed guide your visit to the magnificent Pandone Castle which overlooks the valley, the unique Roman amphitheatre and the beautiful baroque style church of the Annunziata with its frescoes painted by masters of the Neapolitan school.