When we think about the ancient Romans, we think about wars and conquests, emperors, gladiators and slaves, art and architecture. We are sometimes reminded of their laws, their techniques ahead of their times or, as the Monty Python put it, of ‘what they did for us’. What we rarely think of is what their life was actually like, for example what they ate or if they went on holiday the way we do. Well, with ItalyIndeed you can visit Sperlonga, one of the prettiest towns on the Tyrrhenian coast, about half way between Rome and Naples.

Emperor Tiberius, who used to come here on holidays, had a villa built next to the fantastic setting for his seaside feasts, a grotto decorated with majestic statues, some of which dating back to the Hellenistic period. A lovely little town built on a rocky spur, Sperlonga combines the best visitors to Italy can dream of: art and history in an amazing historical setting, relaxing boat trips along the coast with time to swim in the clear blue waters of a natural reservoir, delicious food and interesting hand-made crafts, all local and carefully vetted by ItalyIndeed. Come and join us for a trip in nature, history, art and beauty. Visit Sperlonga with ItalyIndeed!