Molise is both the youngest and one of the wildest regions of Italy. Its boundaries were first laid down in 1963 and being slightly outside of mainstream Italian affairs, its landscapes and traditions are literally untouched. Hence, Molise is one of the few places in Italy where tourists can still experience a genuine, sincere and authentic sense of ‘Italianness’. With ItalyIndeed, you can discover this authenticity together with the variety of scenery and Molise's unique history, which make it a region unlike any other. 

Visitors to Molise can truly get some inkling of how Italy’s first Grand Tourists must have felt. The region’s mainly mountainous terrain is scored by the characteristic ‘tratturi’, the ancient paths along which shepherds used to take their flocks and herds to summer pasture. The hills and valleys of Molise are also rich with beautiful medieval abbeys, well-preserved Roman towns and castles and the archaeological sites of a pre-Roman people, the Samnites, dating back to the 1st century BC. 

The same variety is perfectly reflected in the region’s cuisine and traditions: it is possible, in fact, to enjoy meals and dishes whose ingredients are taken from both the interior and coastal areas as well as experiencing traditions which have disappeared elsewhere. Our main aim at ItalyIndeed is to enable you to sense and experience this uniqueness, to immerse yourself in this ‘antique world’ and, at the same time, share with us our idea of authentic, personal and sustainable tourism.