At ItalyIndeed, we firmly believe that who we are is also where we come from. Engraved into our traditions, customs and lifestyles are the stories of the people that made our homeland into what it is today. They did it by remaining here and struggling during the hard times, or by going away, sometimes very far away, in search of a better life. There are stories of people who, thanks to their hard work abroad, managed to buy land to feed their hungry children. There are also the stories of those who took their families with them, settling in distant and different communities, making Italy the country in the western world with the largest community of nationals and their descendants living abroad.

There are countless stories from among those who struggled and strove both at home and abroad. Many of these stories may at first seem insignificant, but they are in fact heart-warming tales of how people have brought happiness, help and comfort to others, often in the most trying of circumstances. For example, there is the story of the man who left a small village in the Valle di Comino and, working as a constructor in Manhattan, was responsible for the first Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center, paid for by him and his colleagues and decorated with gum wrappers and detonator blasting caps. There are many people like that man still living in the narrow streets and lanes of our villages, who would be happy to tell you their stories.  With ItalyIndeed you can take a journey in time to discover a different world, a world in which the people may have been poor, but they had lives steeped in experiences we all have something to learn from.