The story of Gemar, a family-run balloon manufacturing enterprise in a small village in central Italy, is an old one which features hard work, emigration and bravery and which ItalyIndeed will enable you to explore. It starts in the early 1890s with a young boy, Angelo, hand-making and selling balloons on the streets of Marseille. This was a boy who understood the potential of a simple yet fantastic object and who later became a precocious entrepreneur.

After four generations, the Rocca family are now the foremost balloon producers in Europe, and they continue to lead the way in the worldwide market. The main reasons for their success are attention to quality and detail, as well as a constant improvement of techniques and technologies to meet the highest standards and to create a unique product. On ItalyIndeed's tours, you will not only learn about this magical story, but also visit the factory and, if you wish, learn to make decorations and toys with modelling balloons!