Marinelli Bell Foundry  is in Agnone, Molise, one of the small towns you will visit on ItalyIndeed's tours. Come with us and learn about their fascinating and troubled history, which across the centuries has survived kings and invaders, wars and fires! Their resilience is an example of Italian strength, passion and endurance which we and they would be proud to share with you. 

Marinelli Bell Foundry  is one of the oldest bell foundries in the world and one of the three oldest family businesses to be found anywhere. The current owners' ancestors made their first bell in the year 1040. Since then, for generation after generation they have made bells which can be seen and heard at the United Nations Building in New York City, in Beijing, Buenos Aires and many other places in the world. In 1924, they were granted the Papal Coat of Arms, becoming the official pontificial foundry of the Roman Catholic Church. With ItalyIndeed, you can enjoy a guided visit to the Marinelli bell foundry and museum.