About Us

Vanessa and I met in January 2011 while both teaching at the same grammar school in south London. I was a history teacher and she taught Italian, French and German. After waiting six months for me to approach her for a date, Vanessa finally lost patience, asked me, we went to the theatre and the rest, as they say, is history.

Simon and VanessaBy the end of July 2012 we had relocated to Italy. We were based in Rome but naturally spent a lot of time in the area Vanessa had grown up in. As she began to reveal and explain it all to me, I too, began to appreciate and become beguiled by its shades and hues, tastes and scents, its people and places, its character and its history.

From this ItalyIndeed came into being and a little over two years later presents what Vanessa had originally envisaged. A tour-operator offering a range of packages from just a single day of activities to custom made tours to provide for whatever our guests’ interests may be, culture, food, wine, art, history and architecture, or maybe it’s just simply relaxation amidst the splendour of nature.

Whatever your dream of Italy, let us make it come true for you.
Simon and Vanessa